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Suggest material for ClipFlair "We build bridges, we pull down obstacles"  Viewed 133981 time(s), 3 post(s), 12/7/2014 6:36:28 PM - by Albaxan

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12/7/2014 6:37:59 PM

Educational material for deaf school. A project is named "Communicate in a different way".

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12/11/2014 11:08:07 AM

Xanthi, your blog is ready http://social.clipflair.net/Blog/post/Communicate-in-a-different-way/1064/Two-schools-collaborating/
You can start creating posts there. The first one could be "Project presentation" and then you could also write about the schools participating, your experiences etc.
You can write in Greek or English, depending on the audience you are interested in.
I have created the first post so that you can see how it works, but you can always delete it.

Did you know that you can create groups for your students? For example they can use this group to post their activities or communicate in general (in any language they wish).

To sum up:
The blog (first link) is for the project experiences, articles etc written by the blog editor (for the moment only you, Xanthi, but you can add more).
The group (second link) is for communication among project members.

I'll send you the links to your activities in a moment.

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12/16/2014 11:25:17 AM

Here is the video, you can create an activity with it (add captions, text etc).
Then you can save the activity and upload it here again.

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