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Feedback on ClipFlair Studio application REVOICING OPTIONS  Viewed 1039542 time(s), 38 post(s), 3/7/2013 2:33:27 PM - by noatala

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11/18/2014 6:04:07 PM

Update: added .MP3 support (Load/Save only, not recording) at the AudioRecorderControl that is used in Captions/Revoicing component.

So you can use http://media.io or some local converter program to convert your revoicing WAVs to MP3s and make your activity smaller.

You can do that either via the UI, saving each row's audio to WAV, then converting to MP3, then loading the MP3 at the same row of the Revoicing component again, then at the end saving the activity, or open up the .clipflair with WinRAR or 7-zip and find the .clipflair.zip of the Captions/Revoicing component in there and get the WAVs from the Audio (or AudioComments for the audio-comments column) subfolder of it. When you put MP3s in there keep the same filename pattern

I will also at some moment look into creating a compressing utility app (could be server based but would get resources of the server if misused or becomes too popular) for Windows to get a .clipflair file and convert all WAVs in it to MP3

btw, note that if you have multiple Captions components in your activity they all save the audio so you get a very big file. Prefer to show the Audio column of Captions component rather than have separate Captions and Revoicing windows (they're the same component after all and you also lose screen space when having them separate)

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11/18/2014 6:07:15 PM

Found the cause of the issue that didn't allow a toggle button for Play/Stop at the AudioRecorderControl

so now you can stop long playing audio, useful for audio description testing

also while audio plays you can see it changing the button image at the respective row of the captions grid

there is a bug currently when you click play and the current row doesn't have focus - it tries to play twice (one from the play button and one from the row selection) and cancels itself so you have to press it once again then to play the audio. This doesn't happen at the AudioComments column since that one doesn't play automatically at row change

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11/18/2014 6:10:39 PM

note that you can currently have multiple audio rows playing, will see into adding an option (by default set to true) to only allow playback of one audio at a time (be it caption's audio or comment in audio [sorry, was calling that audiocomment above, but it's for student/teacher comment, not an "audiocomment"])

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12/11/2014 8:17:19 PM

an issue I noticed with revoicing recently is that I need to add at each change of Time property code to stop any currently playing audio if the new Time value is not inside the Start-End time period of the respective caption rows (also need to check that multiple audio rows play at the same time if they start at the same time)

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3/23/2015 2:53:43 PM

New features (both default to true even for older activities) is available at
Captions/Revoicing Window:

- Limit Playback
- Limit

First one stops playback when audio has played for time equal
to the caption's Duration (=End-Start)

Second one stops recording when
audio has been recorded for time equal to the caption's Duration

LAST NIGHT I added a gray bar under the  audio buttons at
each caption row, that fills up with green to show how much of the declared
Duration of the caption I covered by the current audio. When it exceeds that the
bar is full and has red color.
THIS always shows whatever the
LimitAudioPlayback setting or the LimitAudioRecording setting is.
The red
indicator is useful when you open older activities with revoicing where there
are audio out of the caption duration. This shows you that you have to adjust
start or end or duration columns.

Also useful when LimitAudioRecording is
false (and optionally LimitAudioPlayback to hear audio overlaps when captions
are consequtive and have too much audio). THERE the red indicator guides you in
practice to fill the audio without the bar turning red.
Also shows you how
much of the time available you used and you have a view for all captions. Other
languages or slow speakers, new learners will tend to use more of the time slot

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3/23/2015 2:56:10 PM

- added option DrawAudioDuration (default = true) to Captions/Revoicing window to be able to show/hide the coloured bar at the bottom of AudioRecorderControls

- for the column "Comments (Audio)" (for teacher/student/reviewer comment in audio form), this bar isn't shown (nor the LimitPlayback/LimitRecording settings apply) since that audio
is unrelated to the duration of the caption


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3/24/2015 12:11:49 AM

* Added update of the duration bar  as you record (not just after it finished recording
or WAV/MP3 file is loaded as it does now). Of course this applies only when DrawAudioDuration=true
- An unwanted behavior I have noticed is when you scrub
the timeline of the video, that it plays various captions' audios but when
you've scrubbed to time outside of their respective caption time range they
don't stop automatically. Will see into fixed it by stopping any playing AudioRecorderControl from the Audio column if the current Time is not contained in the timerange of the respective caption (of the grid row where the AudioRecorderControl is)

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6/25/2015 8:28:16 AM

Uploaded new version of ClipFlair Studio
1) can do CTRL+A when video is paused and input focus is on the Captions component to select all captions (then can delete them in one stop)

2) when captions overlap in time, they get all selected in the captions grid. Only the last of them is the current one  (that one shows an arrow at the 1st column). As such captions get activated they play their audio, while their timeslot is active (so you may hear multiple audio playing if you deliberately have an overlap in timeslots for different actors that speak with overlaps). Note that captions text already supported such timeslot overlaps for some time now, which was useful to make upwards scrolling captions / Karaoke stuff

3) fixed issue with the audio playback of the caption that was selected in the Captions grid when movie was played. No need for workarounds like adding a first empty caption for autoplaying videos now.

4) if LimitsAudioPlayback is selected (this is the default), then as you click other caption rows or as they're selected/deselected when you scrub by dragging the timebar of the player, they start/stop playing audio appropriately (before if you scrubbed back to the start of the movie you'd hear many captions start playing, since they were activated, but weren't deactivated till they finished playing their timeslot, even if their timeslot was inactive due to the user jumping to another time)

there is a known issue with scrolling caption rows out of the current view (they stop playing audio). A workaround for this is to make sure your captions component has enough height to show all its rows. It does autoscroll by itself, so issue only occurs when user manually scrolls the captions list while the movie is playing. I have to turn off DataGrid's UI row virtualization for this to get fixed, I will examine it sometime in the future since it is not critical

please test the new changes with revoicing and captioning (especially try captions with some timeslot overlapping, e.g. with separate actors text/speech, to see how the multiple row selection shows in that case) and let me know if you have any issues

5) update: ANOTHER, MORE hidden feature is that while the video is playing, if you double click to edit the start or end time cell of a caption row, you see the time flowing (restarting from the current caption's start time) and you can pause the movie to select that time or click at other cell or row too

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