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Feedback on ClipFlair Studio application Shorthand URLs  Viewed 112995 time(s), 7 post(s), 2/12/2013 2:36:58 PM - by Admin

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2/12/2013 2:36:58 PM

One can give ?activity=... at the http://studio.clipflair.net URL to load an activity and if they don't give a full URL (note that to host activities at ones own server a special .xml file is needed at the root folder of the server) the http://gallery.clipflair.net/activity/ prefix is implied.

One should be able to combine this with the ?video=... URL to place a video over an activity, say as an intro tutorial (currently doesn't wait for the activity to load and replaces it with a new one with just the video in it)

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2/12/2013 2:38:15 PM

add capability to the Clip component to understand similar URL shortcuts too that imply the gallery.clipflair.net (however since there are audio and video folders in the gallery one will still have to give video/..., whereas at the ClipFlair Studio short URL shown above the folder is implied too since its given in the parameter ?video=... or ?audio=... anyway)

could possibly do so for all content URLs in the future (when text area will also be able to load content from URL etc.)

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2/24/2013 1:10:10 AM

did some extra enhancement to ClipFlair Studio launch URLs,
allowing to skip the .clipflair.zip extension for activities when
referencing a URL  from the ClipFlair activity gallery (only then the
.clipflair.zip can be implied, other servers may not show extensions in
URLs, so taking any URLs referencing other servers as load sources

e.g. now one can write


these are equivalent to the same URL with the .clipflair.zip suffix that you have seen before mentioned

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4/19/2013 9:25:33 PM

Have added similar shorthand launch URLs for videos, e.g.


(opens smooth stream http://gallery.clipflair.net/video/almodovar-clip1/almodovar-clip1.ism/Manifest)

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5/20/2013 10:15:19 AM

similar URLs exist for other items like images (?image=...) and collections/galleries (?gallery=...)


http://studio.clipflair.net/?gallery=activities or http://studio.clipflair.net/?gallery=activities.cxml

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8/7/2013 2:17:40 PM

also notoolbar parameter has been added, so that you can write
to show the gallery component in a new activity, with the video gallery collection in it, but with no activity toolbar (to save space on the screen)

can see it in action at:

which internally both host a webpage (iframe) using the http://studio....&notoolbar syntax

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3/6/2014 1:28:05 AM

Have updated the MediaPlayer control that the Clip component uses to understand ClipFlair Studio startup URLs like:



and the less usual ones (with / missing before ?)



and to convert them internally to http://gallery.clipflair.net/video/... if the ... part is not starting with http, that is if ... is not a full URL to some other location on the internet (so ClipFlair Gallery is implied)

Will add similar "decoding" support for ?audio=... and /?audio=... style URLs so that it finds the audio at http://gallery.clipflair.net/audio/...

please avoid using such URLs though, this is for users who paste them by mistake from the browser address bar. The correct ones are http://gallery.clipflair.net/... and one can get them by visiting a http://studio... URL and turning over the Clip component to copy the media URL

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