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Feedback on ClipFlair Social Network website Privacy selections for profile entries should display on the page  Viewed 154217 time(s), 1 post(s), 11/13/2012 5:56:15 PM - by George

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11/13/2012 5:58:37 PM

At profile page, it has a lock icon to select privacy option (public, friends [this doesn't include friends of friends], private) for each profile entry (e.g. age), but doesn't display the current setting and you have to click the lock for every item to get a view of the current setting. Also maybe different colouring or an icon to go with each of the 3 options should be used both at the popup menu shown and shown with the text for the current value that I suggest to display next to the lock icon. (TO GET OVERVIEW OF ALL CURRENT SETTINGS WOULD LIKE THE LOCK TO DISPLAY ITS CURRENT VALUE NEXT TO IT)

Speaking of friends of friends some systems have that too, but not sure if OpenSocial that MonoX supports includes that option, neither if it is really useful

BTW Facebook goes to even more depth, allowing one to define groups of friends and then say only available to Family etc., but guess we can't ask that much (better have simple privacy settings rather than confuse users with lots of UI options)

Suggested to MonoX team for consideration (some of these things we may fix ourselves, but it's better if the underlying platform evolves in the way since many other websites also use it, plus it saves us from the extra work)

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