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ClipFlair is a web platform for foreign language learning through revoicing & captioning of clips

What's a ClipFlair Activity?

It's an activity for foreign language learning whereby the learner is asked to to add speech (revoicing) or text (captioning) to a clip.

Revoicing includes dubbing, voice over, respeaking, audio description, free commentary, karaoke singing and reciting.

Captioning can be adding subtitles, intertitles, annotations, speech bubbles and comments.

The Gallery offers more than 350 Clipflair activities to help the learner develop the four well-known skills: writing, speaking, listening and reading. Most importantly they develop audiovisual literacy and skills such as watching, audiovisual speaking and audiovisual writing.

Tutorial - Watch Big Buck Bunny and his adventures and create your own narration. Feel free to use your imagination!
Waterloo - Learning objectives: identify stereotypes the English have about the French and vice versa. Translate a scene containing a geographical dialect and cultural references
Garibaldi SUB - Increasing the pragmalinguistic competenceof Italian learners of English (complaints and requests)
La journée de Maggie - la sorcière - Learning to talk about daily routine, use of present tense, saying aat what time something happens
Visit Britain. Tourist ad for the blind - A tourist ad (without dialogue) meant for students to record an audiodescription track so as to improve speaking skills.
Edinburgh (tourist ad) for the blind - A tourist ad (without dialogue) meant for students to record an audiodescription track so as to improve speaking skills.
Yalom‘s Cure - Let‘s create captions for our hard-of-hearing friends who would like to watch this documentary trailer about Irvin Yalom, the world-famous psychiatrist and writer...
Friends - Baby Shower episode for the HoH - This is an activity to practice AV listening and AV writing. Students are asked to simulate the work of a subtitler for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. In order to do that, first they need to listen carefully to the dialogues and transcribe them...
Wunder - Σβήστε λέξεις και δημιουργήστε κενά που θα συμπληρώσουν οι μαθητές. Χαμηλώστε τη φωνή και αφήστε τους μαθητές να διαβάσουν τους υποτίτλους και να ηχογραφήσουν τη φωνή τους. Παίξτε καραόκε!
Featured Activities

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For Teachers

Increase your students' motivation by introducing innovative activities to complement your course programme.

Choose an activity from the Gallery, or create your own with the Studio. If you would like your activity to be considered for inclusion in the Gallery, post it at the Suggest Material forum.

Each activity in the Gallery has its own unique URL which you can tweet, share on Facebook or send by email.

For Learners

Add fun to your learning experience!

Choose an activity from the Gallery using the filters for the language you want to practice and your level. Each activity contains material (clip, captions, texts, images, etc), instructions and in many cases the solutions as well.

You can even create your own activities! You can save them on your computer and then share them with your friends.


You can find activities for the following 15 languages

    • Arabic
    • Basque
    • Estonian
    • Catalan
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • English
    • Greek
    • Irish
    • Spanish
    • Ukrainian