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ana.felices AnaF_Friends_es
3/24/2014 8:01:29 PM
Rocio Banos Many thanks for posting your activity here, Ana!
I think your translation sounds very oral and natural overall thanks to the use of expressions such as ¡ay, madre!, ¿Cómo va la cosa? or priva, as well as interjections such as ¡buah! or ¡ay!, or vocatives like hija (which are much more natural than “querida”) . I like the way you sorted out the “baby shower” issue by just referring to “invitados”. I also like the use of “porfa”, but I haven’t seen it often in Spanish dubbed productions and I’m not sure it will be accepted without issues. Also, the use of porfa when using a formal way of address (¿puede venir?) sounds a bit strange.

I’m not too convinced by the translation of social event as “encuentro social”, as it sounds too formal to me. Also, the following could be more colloquial: así que mi madre no viene (o sea, que mi madre no viene…), dado que se nos ha olvidado (como se nos ha olvidado…), but these are exceptions and not serious considering the time constraints, so very well done!
I couldn’t see the recording in the activity you sent, only the translation. Did you try to revoice your translation?
3/26/2014 12:42:40 PM