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Feedback on ClipFlair Social Network website Wall posts  Viewed 30908 time(s), 1 post(s), 11/12/2012 8:19:14 PM - by George

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11/12/2012 8:21:29 PM

1) Would like to be able to edit Wall Posts (reported to MonoX team: http://www.mono-software.com/Mono/Pages/Discussion/dtopic/yNhXyqdLq06ZI6EHAXGOQg/Editing-Wall-Posts/ )

2) User can be confused with Uploads to Wall posts and leave the page without posting the message that has an attched upload (but the upload still shows in the activity stream). Reported at http://www.mono-software.com/Mono/Pages/Discussion/dtopic/T8sgIYcvHkKtx6EHAWrLZw/Uploading-items-to-wall/

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