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Feedback on ClipFlair Studio application Problems using Mac  Viewed 530552 time(s), 37 post(s), 2/17/2013 3:18:56 PM - by rovira

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10/14/2013 1:08:45 PM

I'm sure they'll let us use it! It would be a shame not to publish such nice activities :)

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10/17/2013 1:57:50 PM

Dear George,
I just did what you suggested:

1. Went to http://www.omgchrome.com/user-agent-switcher-extension-for-chrome/
2. Downloaded User-Agent Switcher for Chrome
3. In the drop-down menu I selected Safari for MacOS-X
4. But when I click on the studio or gallery icons I just get a blank page. It does not look like working... :-(
Thank you for trying,
Sara Rovira-Esteva

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10/17/2013 3:09:19 PM

do those two buttons take you to http://studio.clipflair.net and http://gallery.clipflair.net in the addressbar of the browser? if not,  it's an issue of the home page and you could try going directly to those two urls

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10/21/2013 8:47:36 PM

Dear George,

Following my previous messages I have asked the student with Mac issues (ClipFlair crashing) to save the error and here is the screenshot.

The student also said:
I have found that when I press any of the buttons to do with playing the video on that window it crashes, but when I use other windows in clipflair for recording voice and saving then it doesn't crash.
How I got around it was to copy the video separately on to desktop and use the video this way and then I only had to press the buttons for recording audio and saving it and only 3 times out of recording 24 clips did it crash but luckily I was saving the file after every couple that I recorded.

I hope this can help.


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10/22/2013 8:22:05 AM

This is a crash of the Silverlight plugin itself

I suggest they try to update Firefox via its Help/About dialog (has update button there, at least the Windows version does so)

Also could look into installing updates for the MacOS-X itself or try to uninstall and reinstall the Silverlight plugin.

However if at Safari plays fine on that machine, should only try to update Firefox

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12/11/2014 8:12:35 PM

There is a known issue on Chrome for MacOS-X with Silvelight, where text input doesn't work. I see that Unity plugin has the same problem on Chrome for MacOS-X. Some suggestions for workarounds that users have at a related discussion thread might work with Silverlight too, but don't have MacOS-X available to try:


- "If you choose "always run" it will work."
- "open a separate browser tab and then go back to the original browser tab and click on the web player. You should be able to use all controls"

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10/24/2014 2:57:24 PM

On MacOS-X, recent versions of Safari have introduced a sandbox security model for plugins, which won't allow ClipFlair Studio to save files to the disk if you don't tell the web browser to trust it. I will try to write a blog article on it (at http://zoomicon.wordpress.com) and post the link here, since I had arranged with a friend in the past to send me some screenshots of the process that we had captured while troubleshooting the issue on his MacOS-X laptop (need to find them first in my e-mails).

easiest way to avoid this issue (not being able to save) is to install Mozilla Firefox on MacOS-X and use that instead, or install ClipFlair Studio for OOB (out-of-browser) use (by right-clicking in the studio's empty activity area and selecting to install or pressing the install link at the bottom right on the screen [appears only if Studio isn't already installed for OOB use]) and use it as a standalone application

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