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Feedback on ClipFlair Social Network website Avatars do not show properly in Groups pages  Viewed 48563 time(s), 2 post(s), 11/9/2012 1:38:29 PM - by Stavroula

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11/9/2012 1:38:29 PM

Click on a group and you'll see a broken image

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11/9/2012 1:43:50 PM

thanks, this is a known issue already reported to MonoX

it gets some gravatar icons directly from gravatar.com while at some other pages (like the one for Groups) it tries to get them from the cache and in the MonoX build we use the cache seems to be broken

they suggested to upgrade to their latest nighlty build which should fix the issue (will try over the weekend)

apart from that, there's an internal inconsistency to not cache all gravatar images everywhere (for speed up), guess they'll fix that too

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