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Feedback on ClipFlair Studio application Focus on windows  Viewed 20697 time(s), 3 post(s), 11/14/2012 12:04:30 PM - by Stavroula

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11/14/2012 12:04:31 PM

Now, in order to press a button in the video panel and the captions grid you have to click twice: once to focus and twice to click on the button play for example.
This does not happen in the text editor (no focus).
This behaviour will be confusing to the learners who will treat the container as a single area, not as different windows with their own focus. They will think that clicking does not work.
And if we have shortcuts this will complicate things even more.
Is it possible to eliminate the focus?

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11/14/2012 4:19:48 PM

yes, this is an ugly bug (not a feature) of one of the components I was based on (FloatingWindowHost) to build the FloatingWindowHostZUI (combined FloatingWindowHost with ZoomAndPan control to make a ZUI [Zoomable User Inteface] container). Still examining though it this is some core Silverlight focus manager bug or if the library is indeed doing something wrong to fix it (or find some workarround if its a core issue)

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12/5/2012 2:21:52 PM

fixed at upcoming version (was a bug with FloatingWindow library I use - when clicked, the window was giving focus to its 1st child instead of looking if some child control of it already had grabbed the focus)

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