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Feedback on ClipFlair Studio application Problems loading activity  Viewed 275046 time(s), 21 post(s), 5/7/2013 9:22:54 PM - by lertola

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6/29/2013 1:41:31 PM

the easiest way is to open the clip from the clip gallery (creates a new activity that just has a Clip component and plays the clip), turn over the clip component there and copy the Media URL to paste in your own activity's Clip component at the back.

else you can just continue that activity which plays the clip from the gallery and add your own stuff, then save the file to where you like as your own new activity


however, if you remember at Carna, you had asked what are the launch URLs and we didn't make it at the last day to find time to show them to you, that's what I was talking above. Launch URLs are a way for you to add a clickable link in your blog, e-mails etc. to launch ClipFlair Studio and do something automatically (like open an activity, open a clip, etc.). The general format of a ClipFlair Studio launch URL is http://studio.clipflair.net/?OBJECT=..., where OBJECT can be activity, clip, image, etc. and ... is the URL of the object you want to open in Studio. e.g. http://studio.clipflair.net/?activity=http://mywebserver.com/somefolder/somefile.clipflair could be such a launch URL

there are also shortcut versions of those launch URLs when you point to files in ClipFlair gallery, where you don't need to give http://studio.clipflair.net/?activity=http://gallery.clipflair.net/activity/Retro.clipflair for example and you can instead just give http://studio.clipflair.net/?activity=Retro

the problem with what you had tried was that you had pasted a CLIPFLAIR STUDIO LAUNCH URL for opening a clip automatically in studio (such URLs are used by the clipflair gallery webpage to open clips) into the Clip component instead of pasting it to the webbrowser address bar.

however, the Clip component can be made a bit more "clever" to handle such cases (where user gives the Clip component a studio launch url instead of the url to the media)

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