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Spreading the word

This blog is about ClipFlair dissemination: articles about the project, conferences, publications


At the World Day of Translation in Athens

9/29/2014 - Stavroula

We were invited to present ClipFlair at the World Day of Translation event, organised by "Metafrasi" School of Translation on 27th September 2014 at the National Hellenic Research Foundation. The auditorium was full!


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Framework For Consultation on ''Foreign Languages in Irish Education'': opportunities for ClipFlair

9/23/2014 - Laura

The Department of Education and Skills in Ireland has recently  published the Framework For Consultation on ''Foreign Languages in Irish Education'':

This is an opportunity for us and our Associate Partners to highlight the importance of the multimedia literacy in language teaching and the advantages of introducing audiovisual translation activities as part of the curriculum, especially since the European Commission is placing much emphasis on the Digital Agenda for European citizens.

A meeting of One Voice for Languages is scheduled for Oct 18th in Dublin and this issues will be raised. I have already sent written suggestions to OVFL along those lines.

Fingers crossed!

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ClipFlair Presentation at the Association of Teachers of Italian AGM, Dublin 22/11/2014

9/23/2014 - Laura

A presentation of ClipFlair is scheduled for the next AGM of the Association of Teachers of Italian, which will be held at the Italian Cultural Institute in Dublin on 22nd Nov 2014.
Participants will be secondary school teachers. Many teach Italian and another language.

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Presentation in Cracow, Poland

9/22/2014 - elagajek

Results of the ClipFlair project were presented at  the conference "Innovation in foreign language teaching" in Cracow on 20th September 2014. The audience  immediately used  the actvities.  Participants appreciated  multlingual resources, respect to copyright issues and  authoring tools available.

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ClipFlair Conference 2014

7/16/2014 - Stavroula

The European project ClipFlair organised the international conference Innovation in Language Learning: Multimodal Approaches, which was held at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona on 18 and 19 June 2014.

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We have redesigned ClipFlair Social!

6/5/2014 - Stavroula

What do you think about the new design?

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Collaboration with the Camelot project

6/2/2014 - Stavroula

Ton Koenraad, member of the Camelot project, reports on the Camelot August newsletter:

In the beginning of May we attended the TISLID'14 conference 'Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistc Domainsat the University of Salamanca (USAL) in Ávila (Spain). One of the reasons to select this conference was our intention to disseminate the Camelot project and discuss machinima ideas and applications for content oriented language learning approaches and CLIL. So with several delegates I elaborated on this. E.g. with the coordinator of the eCLIL project I discussed the idea that Camelot could offer the production of additional 3D visualisation elements for the storyline as developed in their project.
I also 
contacted the coordinator of the ClipFlair project. They are interested in collaboration and see a win/win as they could do with more Open Source 
video materials.

Read the full newsletter here

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Clipflair Conference in Cluj-Napoca

5/15/2014 - Stavroula

New Trends in Language Didactics

Cluj-Napoca 9-10 may 2014

New Trends in Language Didactics 2014 Conference was organised by the Applied Modern Languages Department of „Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca and involved 37 participants from 7 European countries who came to discuss the impact of audiovisual translation, IT and media in L2 teaching. It represented an outstanding opportunity of exchange between researchers, research groups and institutions working in the field.

The conference was organised around the following main lines of research:

·         Language for specific purposes (LSPs);
·         Computer assisted language learning ;
·         Audiovisuals in language learning;
·         Translation & Language learning.

Clipflair a Multilingual Conference

The official languages of the conference were: English, Romanian, French, Spanish, Italian. Professional interpretation was provided.


Conference programme

The Clipflair conference programme included presentation sessions and workshops where the participants shared their experiences and know-how. Sessions where announced on Twitter and Facebook in real time.

Conference parallel sessions developed the main themes of the conference in more detail.


UBB Organising Team

·         Prof. dr. Liana Pop
·         Conf. dr. Cristina Felea
·         Lect. dr. Adriana Neagu
·         Lect. dr. Liana Muthu
·         Assist. dr. Cristina Varga
·         Lect. dr. Sanda Moraru
·         Asist. dr. Anamaria Milonean
·         Asist. dr. Alexandra Cotoc
·         Asist. dr. Anamaria Radu
·         Drd. Anamaria Bogdan


The presentations of the participants at New Trends in Language Didactics 2014 will be published in volume at Presa Universitară Clujeană in Cluj-Napoca http://www.editura.ubbcluj.ro/www/ro/.

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ClipFlair conference program

5/14/2014 - Stavroula

The ClipFlair Conference program is out!
Check out the latest version at the conference website

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5/12/2014 - Stavroula

ClipFlair was at the TISLID14 Conference in Ávila, Spain 7-9 May.

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