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An ideal ClipFlair activity

3/14/2013        Other articles by: Stavroula

By Patrick Zabalbeascoa.

An ideal ClipFlair activity:

(1)     Has an ideal clip, i.e. audiovisually “rich” and pedagogically multifunctional and recyclable
(2)     Is engaging (makes you laugh, cry, think, talk, remember, associate, feel, etc.).
(3)     Involves ideas that are mostly or partly recyclable for other clips. The activity contains a didactic proposal that can be adapted to other learner-profiles, languages, clips, levels, or for I-learners.
(4)     Has clear instructions, user-friendly and straightforward. The language used in the instructions component is simple and repeated (where possible), over many activities, so that a learner can get used to it, and not have to become familiar with an activity's specific jargon every time anew.
(5)     Can be sequenced with others or totally independent. An activity is particularly ideal (if it sequential) if it can also function independently.
(6)    Is focused on the clip, and requires the learner to watch and do things with the clip more than anything else.
(7)     Fallswithin the scope of (a) repeat, (b) rephrase; or (c) react and (a), (b) or (c) can be done by revoicing or captioning of some sort.
(8)     Inspires other similar activities than can be generated by simply changing a few parameters of the original proposal. 
(9)      Works on audiovisual literacy integrated skills and semiotics. It requires the learner to think of or work with issues of narrative, discourse, speech acts, communication events, etc.
(10)     Is learner-centered and can be accessed and used by I-learners in the afterlife of the Project.   

A non-ideal (but acceptable activity) is lacking in many of these features. Non-ideal activities are in certain cases acceptable, and may be well suited to ClipFlair.

An example of a perfectly acceptable non-ideal activity is: an activity that is good for only one language, only one level, only one type of learner, only one clip, i.e. it is very much a once-in-a-life time, unique exercise, which does not allow the learner the option to think, "Ah! I would now like to do this with other clips!" 

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