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Sources of clips and materials

3/6/2013        Other articles by: Stavroula

We have been gathering links to sources of clips and materials which we can use to create revoicing and captioning activities for foreign language learning.
Here is a first list with some information on copyright issues and languages of the websites listed. 



Culture webpage of the European Union

170.000 videos on different topics

Almost any language of the EU (mostly in French, Italian, English, German and Spanish)

Depends on the video but most of them can be copied and modified.





Spanish Ministry of Economy webpage

Videos of different topics

Mostly in Spanish but also in Catalan, Galician and Basque

They can be copied and modified as long as the source is mentioned.



The European Organization for nuclear research


European Organization for nuclear research

Videos about nuclear research in general

Mostly in English but there are some in other European languages.

They can be copied and modified as long as the source is mentioned.



European Commission Audiovisual services


Audiovisual Services of the European Union

More than 55000 videos on various topics

Mostly in English although there are some in other European languages

They can be copied and modified for educational purposes as long as the source is mentioned.



The independent


Online version of the British newspaper

Videos of different topics

Mostly in English but there are a few of them in other languages with English subtitles

To modify or copy the videos, it’s necessary to write or phone to the following numbers:

syndication@independent.co.uk; telephone: +44 (0)20 7005 2123 (text); telephone: +44 (0)20 7005 2534 (pictures)


The Guardian


Online version of the British newspaper

Videos of different topics

Mostly in English but there are a few of them in other languages with English subtitles

To modify or copy. It’s necessary to write to the following address: http://syndication.guardian.co.uk/permissions-and-reprints.aspx


Al Jazeera


Multimedia repository of the Arabic channel

Mostly news videos but there are some others

Different languages but mostly in English and Arabic

Depends on the video but most of them can be copied and modified.





Video repository organised by topics

Different topics


They can be modified under some conditions.



Internet Archive


Video repository of different topics

Different topics

Mostly in English but there are some in other languages

They can be copied and modified (non commercial purposes)



The Open University


Video repository of educational purposes

Different topic (educational purposes)

Moslty in English but there are some in other languages

They can be copied and modified (non commercial purposes)





Video repository

Different topics

Mostly in English but there are some in other languages

You need to be a member (it’s free) and you can search videos with a creative commons license.


Blip.com PyCon


Videos of the conferences aof the organization

Conferences on different topics of this organization


They can be copied and modified (Creative commons license)




Videos of conferences by Robert X Cringely

Conferences of the writer with some technology experts


They can be copied and modified (Creative commons license)


You can search and download free more than 17.000 clips in different languages and categories.


Lots of educational videos there
It also has a subtitling service

Downloadable videos at:


Lessons worth sharing from TED (technology, entertainment, design - www.ted.com)


Vimeo (high quality) video-sharing website.

copyright issues: website based on trailers

checkout the top menu for other public domain material (e.g. audio, images, text etc.)

Creative Commons licensed audio for your projects:

do need to do some research yourself too though in case some contributor uploaded material they didn't have the rights for

Short films in Spanish: http://www.solocortos.com/

I read that the videos are free but I think we could contact them to ask if we can use them for language learning purposes.

Some more resources for ideas in Chinese (but useful for all languages):

Fluentflix: The fun way to Chinese fluency! http://www.fluentflix.com/
Yoyo Chinese

Study more Chinese

Purdue University announced the new on-line speaking tool “Speak Everywhere” for New Practical Chinese Reader Book 1 (实用汉语第一册). Now we are happy to inform you that the demo video is now available for those who need more information. Please go to this site (towards the bottom under “Demonstration Video”).

Here are 5 links to examples of possible activities, two of which are based around Google Maps:

Michael Collins

This activity includes an embedded YouTube video, which one of my former students created. There is still some editing to do with regard to the video quality and the audio track. I also included a hyperlink to a wikipedia page from this map.

Ár nÁran Laethúil (Bread making)

Again, a former student of mine created this video and I am waiting on his reply with regard to copyright. I have embedded a YouTube video along with a google form. This form is a quiz based on the video content (making of brown bread). I have also included a second form to relay the correct answers. Forms are generally used for gathering information, so I created a second identical form displaying the answers...a link is included within google maps.

The next three activities are interactive images: learners can click on the various icons to view text, static images, interactive images and audio segments:

Oíche Shamhna (Halloween)

Nithe le nIthe (Food Items)

Mainistir Kylemore (Kylemore Abbey)

The Hobbit safety in-flight video! A very recent version of Air New Zealand's creativity:


Great fun and could be used with upper-level students. Of course there's the issue of copyright... but you can watch it, enjoy it and maybe get creative ideas!

btw, speaking of irony and sarcasm etc. see some classifications (subject of translating humour, search for word classification in there) at

I found this! Looks exciting, can somebody help me to rate this resource? Is it good for us, can we use it?
"Teachers can download lots of modern language short films and make use of the extensive learning resources contained within each film record and the Feature Resources."

They have an email in their 'Contact Us' page. I think best would be to write to them.

at http://languagesonscreen.org.uk/about/index.php?PHPSESSID=4od9vga9ni53augqoo6gdr9q93
it says:
"Languages on Screen is an exciting new educational resource that puts French, German, Spanish and Italian - and soon Gaelic - short films online for free download and use in schools across Scotland."

note the "across Scotland" - maybe need to ask for permission for more wide use (assuming they have the rights to give us such - or they could refer us to the respective video authors or have attribution/contact info on their site for us to check for those vids that are interesting)

also found from there (http://languagesonscreen.org.uk/LanguagesonScreenonGlow.php) an interesting Glow social network (social community for scotish schools - education scotland) and mention of Glow resources at: http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/usingglowandict/

they seem to have lots of material (see http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/usingglowandict//resources/index.asp) even audiovideo, but closed, only for their schools

opensource movies from Blender:

1 - http://orange.blender.org/download
2 -
3 -
4 -

at download site for some of them you can also find subtitle files

also at list of features Blender movies (http://www.blender.org/features-gallery/movies/) I see the movie Project London which says there it's opensource project, but can't find the movie download (maybe not available yet, just the trailer for now): http://projectlondonmovie.com/

Did you know that recently YouTube introduced a Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed).
If you look at the properties of this video (show more)
you will see the CC licence.

A very good Copyright Education section by YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/t/creative_commons
It explains how you can find and use CC videos on YouTube.

also https://www.youtube.com/t/copyright_permissions which Stavroula sent me has nice info

also see OCL (Open Course Library)
they seem to be hosting their content at

looking at http://cnx.org/lenses and http://cnx.org/content/ you can find even more content from other organizations like Siyavula (from India) and OpenStax College (http://cnx.org/lenses/OpenStaxCollege/endorsements), both mentioned by Dr Cable Green at ATL Webinar on Creative Commons)

for some audio lessons (online .MP3 files) by Deutche Welle that one can use with ClipFlair's Media component (just flip it over and give the MP3 URL) see:

please add more media content to the forum mentioned above (click "Back to all topics" there and reply to topics for Saved ClipFlair Activities, Video, Audio, etc. attaching any files to your reply)

A friend of mine, Victor Jamison, has launched a channel on YouTube for kids, and they want to increase its profile. I've talked to him and his company allows us to use any of their clips without any problem. Right now there is only one, but they'll be adding many more in the coming weeks:


I just discovered the webpage of Bccn (Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival). Here you can find the list of the movies presented in Bccn 2012:

I searched for other CC film festivals and I send you the following links. I'm sure that there are also many others.

Ciudad de México Creative Commons Film Festival 2012

100 Second Film Festival - CC BY-NC-SA license movies
http://creativecommons.org/tag/100-second-film-festival (follow the link in the article)

Santander Creative Commons Film Festival 2013


Article about Santander Creative Commons Film Festival

Madrid Creative Commons Film Festival

CC Porcuna
Porcuna Creative Commons Film Festival

Here you cand find Oceania, a movie released for free under a Creative Commons license:

Jathias Wager - open source Sci Fi movie

Walkaama - CC movie


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Sources of clips and materials


Thank you for this huge collection. Pitifully, my materials are done of short fragments of a movie. I guess I can't use it for an online activity. How can I upload a file? Can I at all? I can't understand how it works, I'm sorry.

8/28/2013 7:43:14 PM
Sources of clips and materials

Stavroula Sokoli

Hello, Davide, you can upload material on our feedback forum > suggest material > video and we will include it in the Gallery. However you must be sure about copyright (for example CC-BY-SA) and mention copyright status in the post.
Thank you and welcome!

8/29/2013 10:25:38 AM
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