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How to create your own activities

5/21/2014        Other articles by: Stavroula

There are more than 350 activities for more than 15 languages in the ClipFlair Gallery. But they might not suit your needs or the language you are interested in. You can always create your own! There are three ways to add new activities in the Gallery, presented here (from simpler to more complicated):

  • 1. Modify an existing activity
  • a. Go to the Activity Gallery and choose the filter For learners of > Any language. You'll see a number of activities, pick one and open it.
  • b. Modify the activity to fit your needs (e.g. translate the instructions, add or remove text components etc).
  • c. Save it in your computer.
  • d. If you'd like it to be public, you can post it in the Feedback forum > Suggest Material > ClipFlair activities. It will soon be included in the Activity Gallery and you can then use and share the URL it will automatically aquire.  e. Otherwise you can send it to your students or peers as a file (its extension is .clipflair)
  • 2. Create a new activity with a video from the Clip Gallery
  • a. Go to the Video Gallery and use the filters to choose a video and open it.
  • b. Add a text component with instructions and a captions or revoicing component according to your needs. Follow the steps c-e described in method 1 above.
  •  3. Create a new activity with a video of your choice 
  • a. If you don't need your activity in the Gallery, just create a new activity with the Studio, and drag and drop your clip there (from your PC). When sharing, make sure to send the video together with the activity, because the clip is not saved in the .clipflair file (for file size economy).
  • b. If you'd like your activity in the Gallery, first post your video (Creative Commons License preferred) in the Feedback forum > Suggest Material > Video.
  • c. After we have published your video in the Gallery, follow the steps described in method 2 above.


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