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We communicate...in a different way!: Model Experimental Schools

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Presentation of Model Experimental Lyceum of the University of Macedonia:Communicate in a different way

12/13/2014 - Albaxan

The Model Experimental Lyceum of the University of Macedonia is one of the two schools associated with the University of Macedonia, based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Here our presentation and here our slogan: "We build bridges, we pull down obstacles"

It implements modern and innovative educational, pedagogic, and teaching methodological approaches aiming to contribute to the improvement of secondary education in Greece. Since it is staffed with teachers that have been awarded either PhD or postgraduate degrees and the quality of the education offered is supervised by the school's Scientific Supervisory Board and the national Administrative Committee for Model Experimental Schools, offers a multitude of activities (extracurricular activities, excellence clubs, theater group, choir, etc.) to its students, including opportunities to participate in national and international projects (cultural and environmental projects, career orientation projects, robotics competitions, Comenius and eTwinning programs, etc.). The teachers and students involved in many of these extracurricular activities and projects have received national and European quality awards for their work.

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